Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris Treatment

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Acne vulgaris or common acne as it is otherwise known, it affects mainly teenagers this can become more severe though once adulthood is reached. Acne vulgaris can be treated.

There are characteristics of Acne vulgaris which are below.

Whiteheads : Bacteria & dead skin cells block pores completely and cause the surface of the skin to have a white appearance. Whiteheads tend not to last as long as blackheads.

Blackheads : These appear when a pore isn't blocked completely, the dark colour (black) isn't caused by dirt as a lot of people think, it is actually the skins own pigment reacting with oxygen in the air. Blackheads are firmer in structureand stay around for quite a while.

Papules : Can be inflamed, have no head and look like a red bump.

Pustules : A whitehead with a red ring on the outside of it, commonly known as a pimple.

Nodules : Hard bumps that are beneath the skin, may leave scars & are painful.

Cysts : Large in appearance, up to 2 inches. Will leave scars and infect a person further if squeezed.

For acne vulgaris treatment and prevention please read the tips below.
Firstly, try not to scrub and pick your spots or zits. The reasons for this are stated above.

Treating mild acne vulgaris - whiteheads, blackheads, spots or zits:

Wash gently with soap (none perfumed), make sure you rinse well in cold water.
Using Bnzoyl Peroxide, this could be Benoxyl, Clearasil or Benzac.
A salicylic acid can be used such as Clearasil.

Your doctor may be worth a contact if your acne doesn't improve, they may be able to help with more specilised treatments.

Treatment for moderate or severe acne vulgaris

If acne is a more severe case, a visit to your doctor may be required, because of the deeper infection, special treatment may be needed.

Examples are:

It is possible to visit your doctor regarding the draining of cysts & large pimples.
Prescription antibiotic gels, creams and lotions.
Rerinoids on prescription.
Azelaic acid can be used.

Laser is now a possibility and has been reported to removed scarring left by acne.

Chemical peels have been reported to help in the removal of scars left by acne.

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