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Acne Vulgaris

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There is a form of acne which is very common. This is Acne vulgaris also called common Acne of course because of its common nature. Teenagers are the greatest victims of this form of Acne. Any dermatologist would tell you that many of the cases they get are this particular form - Acne vulgaris.

Many teenagers who suufer from this condition also suffer from some loss of self confidence as they see the invasion of their bodies by these strangers. Acne vulgaris can be on the face, chest and back. While the chest and back can be covered, the face obviously can't be without raising questions. Combine the redness usually associated with the pimples and you get a very interesting picture that can discourage many a strong heart.

For many people not just teenagers, appearance is everything or at least very important. This simple fact makes this condition - Acne vulgaris seem such a great deal because its sufferers are always very concerned about its effect on them and this concern turns to worry and for some results in some form of depression as they see their chances of normal social activity reduced due to the perceived disfigurement caused by this condition. It is worsened by the fact that many of them do not know what to do about it or feel it is beyond their control.

Like most things in life, knowing the cause of a problem is a great help towards formulating a solution. This particular form of Acne is mostly caused by the fluctuating level of hormones in the body. As adolescents, going through puberty, lots of changes occur in the body and this changes are caused by certain hormone being secreted by the glands. This changes are quite rapid in nature and cause pimples to breakout on the skin.

This condition can also be cause by stress. The presence and persistence of stress an cause an outbreak. Acne caused by stress usually goes away when the stress is relieved.

Genes also play a role in having this condition. If ones parents suffered or are currently suffering from this condition, then chances are that their offspring might have to deal with the same condition.

Sometimes when the body reacts to drugs taken, it shows in the form of an outbreak of Acne. This is why the use of narcotics can result in an outbreak and why drug addicts will usually have pimples on their skin.

Dirt is another common cause. When the pores are clogged, it gives the bacteria the opportunity to thrive. However, in a bid to keep the skin clean and the pores unclogged we can cause more problems by over-washing. Over-washing can cause the skin to get irritated and as the body tries to counter the irritation, the situation can worsen. If your condition is caused by bacteria in the pores, you would need an antibiotic to tackle the bacteria at source.

In treating Acne vulgaria, dermatologist usually prescribe Topical bactericides. This teatment is applied directly on the skin ( face and any other affected part). It attempts to treat the condition from outside in. It would gradually try to cut down the bacteria at the pores and work inwards to get underneath. If you have a mild case, then this treatment might be sufficient. If however you have a more serious case, there are other treatments like Topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics. 

Take things easy and be rest assured that no matter the kind of Acne condition you have, there is a remedy.

Have an Acne free, younger looking and healthy skin.

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